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Important Announcement: Call for Vacancies

Aequitas Victoria Foundation, Registration Number: S000060 (Registered under Indian Societies Act, 21 of 1860), ISNI No.: 0000000502629766; Rid No.: 597836 is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization. The NGO aims to work for Promoting Access to Justice to Live a Life in Peace. In the last year during the pandemic, a lot of initiatives were launched and completed including the publication of one full volume (12 issues) of the monthly Newsletter, publication of 43+ Blogs with SSRN indexing, publication of one volume of International Law Journal, and establishment of three other International Journals, publication of volume 1 and two issues of volume 2 of the Art & Culture magazine, hosting of two National Level Competitions and one National Level Virtual Cultural Event on the 9th death anniversary of Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, establishment of the Aequitas Victoria Research Center, Aequitas Victoria Book Publication Center, Legal Internship Assessment Cell, and many other initiatives were decided to be completed for this year term. We fully work on a charity basis intending to devote some of our skills to the benefit of society. To support the NGO in achieving its objectives, we require the extension of our team. In this mission, we require support from all those who are interested in this behalf.

Based on the Aequitas Victoria Foundation, Managing Committee, Resolution dated July 04, 2021, this call for the vacancy has been published in the following manner.

In the NGO, the following vacancies are available:

  • Aequitas Victoria Research Center

Posts Available:

  1. Research Assistants (Qualification: Post Graduate in Law who completed his/her Dissertation Thesis and has a minimum of three research paper publications in reputed journals).

  • The Aequitas Victoria Newsletter

Posts Available:

  1. Reviewers (Qualification must be post-Graduate and shall be a Faculty of Law, or an Advocate with the knowledge of the current affairs from the field of Law)

  2. Legal Correspondents (Qualification: Must be pursuing UG or PG courses in Law, from any recognized university across the World and must have a hold over English).

  • Rupantar- the Destiny for Revolution (Art & Culture Magazine)

Posts Available:

  1. Managing Editors (Qualification: Student from any recognized university who possesses an interest in the field of social welfare, creativity, and culture).

  2. Content Designers (Qualification: anyone with the skills of painting, art, or the knowledge of using Canva).

  • Legal Intern Assessment Cell (LIAC)

Posts Available:

  1. Assistant Coordinators (Qualification: any student of law who knows about handling emails, Telegram, reading Excel Sheets, and using online platforms along with YouTube).

  • Multi-National Network of Debate and Advocacy for Youth (

Posts Available:

  1. Event Organizers (Qualification: anyone with the skills of debating, good communications, interactive skills, good orators, editing, and writing).

  • Aequitas Victoria Book Publication Center

Posts Available:

  1. Assistant Coordinators (Qualification: anyone with the knowledge of handling emails, communicative skills, coordination, and keeping records).

  2. Designers (Qualification: anyone with the knowledge of Microsoft Word, PageMaker, Excel, PowerPoint, or other requirements of DTP).

  • Neolexvision Blogs

Posts Available:

  1. Assistant Editors (Qualification: any student of law with the skills of writing, editing, and reviewing).

  • Administrative Section

Posts Available:

  1. Executive Officers (Qualification: Any undergraduate or postgraduate student from any stream under-recognized universities).

  2. Event Coordinators (Qualification: anyone with the knowledge of handling emails, communicative skills, making coordination, and keeping records).

  3. IT Section (Qualification: knowledge of Web Designing especially Wix).

  4. Public Relation Officers (Qualification: any student of journalism)

  5. Social Media Operators (Qualifications: abilities to handle social media platforms).

Conditions of Employment:

1. All the above-mentioned jobs shall be based on work-from-home criteria with minimum two-three hours of engagement per week, provided such conditions might alter in exceptional situations.

2. All the candidates appointed against the above-mentioned vacancies shall be provided with an experience letter with the Registration Number of the NGO and the seal and signature of concerned authorities.

3. Candidates shall be eligible for applying for such experience letters after completion of one year period from the date of appointment if complied with the required criteria of the job appointed for. However, such candidates may continue to work with the NGO for a further period and the experience letter shall mention such further period as the quantum of experience of such candidates.

4. Each candidate after successful application and selection shall be observed for a provisional period of one month within which, knowledge and training regarding the work shall be provided, and after the completion of such period formal appointment shall be made.

5. Candidates shall have the benefits of getting access to all the services, events, etc. initiated by the NGO, subject to different terms & conditions.

6. The candidates are required to adhere to professional ethics and maintain strict professional standards.

7. Any violation of the laws, rules, regulations, and such other norms of India, or of Aequitas Victoria Foundation, shall attract disciplinary actions from the Disciplinary Committee of the NGO on whose discretion, even legal proceedings can be initiated if approved by the Managing Committee of the Aequitas Victoria Foundation.

8. All other terms & conditions to be specified during the provisional period of one month.

*No Salary shall be provided against any of the above jobs as of now

For more details:

Kindly visit: or mail us your queries at, or WhatsApp us at 8473808112

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