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Rupantar- The Destiny for Revolution is an Electronic Magazine published quarterly by Aequitas Victoria with the aim of allowing the young students across the country to explore their views and opinions through the medium of creative expressions in order to bring a Revolution in the Country.

Based on the ideas of Great Swami Vivekananda, that even a small group of hundred young Indians can bring a revolution in the entire country if allowed to express their emotions, and the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi who believed in non-violent means of expressing one’s opinions for bringing such revolutions, the magazine aims to provide a platform where young Indians can express their innovative ideas with the help of their unique and precious creativity.

The magazine will publish Photographs, Quotations, Poems, Stories, Paintings, Posters and all other such creative arts and literature that does not amount to academic or scholarly articles. The main purpose of this magazine is to make the student exercise their Right to Freedom of Expression guaranteed as a Fundamental Right under the Indian Constitution against injustice, discriminations, violence and such other illegal activities within the Indian Society through the peaceful medium of creativity and innovation.

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