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The Aequitas Victoria Research Centre is a research platform of the Aequitas Victoria Foundation, a non-profit making and non-governmental organization that aims for making justice accessible to everyone. As rightly said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, therefore it is one of the prime objectives of the organization to serve the best interest of justice to the fullest extent possible through various initiatives.

Since laws are the biggest instrument for achieving justice within a society, it becomes essential for examining the principles and theories governing the laws as well as the nexus between the laws and their objectives which demands research for understanding the need for innovations and revolutions in the legal ideologies, theories, principles, institutions, and constructions. Thus, it becomes essential for Aequitas Victoria Foundation to have a comprehensive mechanism for doing research to meet the contemporary demands of justice within human society. 

The AVRC aims to fulfill the requirement of establishing a comprehensive, structured, and organized mechanism to carry out research works in different fields to make the Aequitas Victoria Foundation capable of achieving its goals. The Centre is expected to work as a think tank for the Foundation and to conduct research activities on proposals accepted by the Foundation considering the demand of the society and the need of the time. The Centre shall primarily conduct research on the topics that are required to study for removing the gap between the dynamicity of the society and the time required for the social institutions in adjusting to such dynamicity. 

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