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1. All the Authors will be given a free access to the digital magazine

2. Those whose contributions will be published will get an e-certificate for free



Note: In addition to all these guidelines, the authors are recommended to read the Rules, Regulations, Publication and Copyright policies mentioned under each separate heads.

Word Limit:

-Articles and stories must not exceed 2000 words and if exceeded such contributions will be made liable for rejection

-No word limit for poems but in no way such poems shall exceed more than one A4 sized page, the font being in Times New Roman with single line spacing.

-Word limit for Quotations will be 20 including prepositions.

General Guidelines:

-All entries shall contain a cover letter where the following things must be mentioned-

1. the name,

2. designation,

3. institution,

4. phone number and

5. email address of the contributors. Note- all the information will be used only for the purpose of the Magazine.

-All the entries must also include a separate word file declaring the originality and the decency of the contributions along with the fact that such contribution is not under consideration anywhere else and after publication in this magazine, the copyright will be transferred to the Publisher, and in case if such contribution comes in conflict with any established legal provisions then only the contributor shall be held liable. The format of such declaration is provided herein at the last.

-The main document or image shall be saved as “Category of Submission- Name of Contributor”. For example- “Story- ABC Rathore”.

-All the entries shall also adhere to the specific guidelines for each category mentioned below.

-All the entries shall be mailed to the following mail id- with the subject as “Submissions for Rupantar- The Destiny for Revolution (E-Magazine)”, or can also be submitted through the Google form under the head Submissions.

Specific Guidelines:

Guidelines for writing Articles:

-Articles shall be written in Times New Roman Font

-The Font size of the main Heading shall be 16

-The Font size of the body shall be 12

-The line spacing shall be Single Line Spacing

-1 inch space shall be left on all the sides of the Article and shall be written on A4 size paper format in single column

-The Heading shall be Central aligned

-The main body shall be justified

-If any sources are to be mentioned then such sources shall follow a uniform method of citation more preferably MLA style of referencing.

Guidelines for writing Stories:

-All stories must be written in Times New Roman Font

-The Font size of the Title shall be 16

-The Font size of the main body shall be 12

-The Heading shall be Central aligned

-The main body shall be Justified with single line spacing

-The stories shall be written on A4 sized paper format and in single column with 1 inch margin from all the sides

Guidelines for Poems:

-Poems shall also be written in Times New Roman Format

-The Font size of the Title shall be 16

-The Font size of rest of the text shall be 12

-The main text shall have single line spacing

-It shall however not exceed 1 A4 size paper

-There shall be 1 inch margin from all the sides

-There are no strict restrictions as regards column and alignment of the text.

Guidelines for Paintings/Arts:

-All paintings should contain a suitable tag line

-All contributions under this category shall be on A4 size paper

-Such contributions shall be properly scanned.

-The date of drawing, painting shall be mentioned on the scanned copies along with the signature of the Contributor, failing which will make such contributions liable for rejection.

Guidelines for Photography:

-All photographs shall have a suitable tag line

-All photographs shall be submitted in jpg format; no submission in documents will be accepted.

-Along with the photograph a separate file containing the details of the photograph shall be provided which shall include, the date of taking the photo, the name and model of the camera, whether the picture was taken manually or in auto mode, if taken manually then please mention the shutter speed, aperture, focal length, etc.

Guidelines for Quotations:

There is no such guidelines for submitting Quotations however, all quotations must be limited to 20 words including prepositions.

Guidelines for any other categories of submission:

It will depend on the nature of the submission and the requirements for getting such submissions published in the e-magazine which shall be communicated to the contributors after the submission is made successfully.



The magazine accepts contributions in the following categories in either Hindi or English mediums:-

1. Articles (Creative/Popular): The articles shall be a creative one and shall be written in popular version. We do not prefer research and academic articles; however acceptance of such articles shall be subjected to the discretion of the Editorial Board.

2. Stories

3. Poems

4. Translations

5. Photographs

6. Paintings including drawings and cartoons

7. Quotations

8. Any other creative contributions capable of being published online.



Anyone having an interest in the creative literature can contribute for this magazine and it is open for all the people residing across the country irrespective of age, sex, race, community, etc.

However, the magazine aims at promoting the young talents of the country.



These helpline details are only for clarifying doubts relating to the publication and distribution policies of the magazine and shall be active from 10:00 AM -05:00 PM on Sundays.

+91 8473808112




Role of Board of Editors:

The editors shall look into the smooth conduct of the review process and shall have the ultimate authority to take decision regarding publication of contributions keeping in consideration the suggestions and the feedbacks of the BOA (Board of Advisors) and the PRC (Peer Review Committee). The Editors shall further look into the matter that whether all the contributions are in compliance to the above mentioned guidelines, policies, rules and regulations. It is the Editors whose decision shall be final regarding the selection, publication and distribution of the e-magazine and such decisions shall be decided by a vote of majority amongst the Board of Editors (BOE).

Role of Reviewers:

Reviewers shall form the members of the PRC who shall be appointed for each issue of the magazine separately and shall be acknowledged through an acknowledgement letter by the BOE after the successful completion of the review process for each issue. Even members of BOE or BOA can become members of PRC. The PRC shall review the contributions (in case of articles shall also check plagiarism) and shall submit their feedbacks along with their views regarding the merit of the contributions, whether shall be published or not.

Role of Board of Advisors:

The members of the BOA shall be submitted with the draft copy of the e-magazine for each issue by the BOE who shall be free to provide their views and suggestions. The BOE shall pay regard to such views and suggestions and shall take their final decision regarding publication of the final copy.

Role of Contributors:

The Contributors are required to adhere to all the guidelines, rules and policies before submission and shall also follow and implement the feedbacks send to them after submission.



​1. In case of articles, a plagiarism check will be done after which a blind peer review shall follow.

2. For all other categories of submissions, they shall be subjected for a blind peer review through experts from each category, whose decision shall be intimidated to the contributors for further improvement, if any required.

3. Finally the selected contributions shall be designed in the form of a e-magazine and shall be submitted to a committee formed of selected members from Board of Advisors, whose suggestions shall be given due importance.

4. After all the suggestions and feedbacks from the Peer Review Committee and the Committee of the Board of Advisors, the Editorial Board shall take the final decision through a voting process, based on which the contributions shall be finally published.



1. All submissions must strictly adhere to the Guidelines provided for the contributors

2. All submissions must be Original. Any amount of plagiarism or duplicity will not be tolerated.

3. Any submission containing indecent or immoral materials capable of injuring moral sentiments or causing defamation of any individual, groups, communities, organizations, etc. or violating copyrights of any person, group, organizations, etc., if subsequently published and action arises due to such publication, then the publisher shall not be held liable rather the author(s) of such contributions shall be solely liable for any of such contents as mentioned

4. After publication, the copyright of the contributions shall immediately be vested into the Publisher of the Magazine, i.e. Aequitas Victoria

5. The Publications shall be compiled into a single digital magazine after every three months and shall be published as a magazine in the website itself.

6. All the feedbacks provided to the contributors during the review process and the Editorial Board shall have the full authority either to accept or to reject any contributors submitted for publication.

7. Regarding publication of contributions, the decision of the Editorial Board shall be final.



Date of Inauguration:

August 15, 2020

Frequency of Publication:

Quarterly (after every three months)

Plagiarism Software:

Plagiarism Checker X and Urkund

Mode of Publication:


Medium of Publication:

Hindi and English


It shall cover creative and artistic contributions from the field of literature and performing arts that are publishable online in book format and extends to whole of India.


-To provide a platform for promoting young talents.
-To provide a platform for everyone to exercise their Freedom of Speech and Expression subject to reasonable restrictions.
-To bring about an ideological revolution by inspiring constructive ideas through creativity in the human society.
-To cherish the great value of our composite cultural heritage.
-To develop an endeavor for nurturing human emotions in a matured and developed manner with modern values in collaboration with traditional values for development of morality in the contemporary society.

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