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Teen in Karnataka, alleging sexual harassment against her father, plans his murder:-

By Tiasha Sinha Ray

November 24, 2021:- On 23rd November, Bengaluru police have taken a teenager and her three teenage friends into custody after her father was hacked to death on 22nd November. Police said that the teenager told them she enlisted the help of three of her teenage friends to kill her 45 years old father named Deepak, because her father sexually abused her. In the early hours of Monday, November 22, the 45 years old man was hacked to death after some people broke into his residence and attacked him. It is alleged that Deepak was killed in front of his two daughters.

Deepak was a resident of Bihar and worked as a security guard at GKVK campus in the city. He was living with his wife and two daughters. The elder daughter is studying in a private college while the younger studies in class 4.

According to police, Deepak actually had two wives. The second wife was a resident of Karnataka with whom he had their two daughters and the first wife lives in Bihar. There are allegations that he sexually harassed his elder daughter and this led to a quarrel between the couple.

On the day of the murder, police said that the deceased tried to sexually assault the elder daughter again in the Monday morning while he was under the influence of alcohol. The girl contacted a friend on the phone and asked for help. According to the police, her friend brought few others and allegedly assaulted and killed her father.

Police are now investigating the case to determine if there was any other motive behind the killing.


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