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Switzerland to permit same sex marriage after the success of "Marriage for All" campaign

Legal Correspondent: Nandini Varshney

Nov. 17, 2021: Switzerland's government said on Wednesday that same-sex couples would be able to marry starting July 1 next year, adopting the results of a historic referendum on the topic held in September.

With a nearly two-thirds majority, voters adopted the "Marriage for All" proposal, making Switzerland one of the last nations in Western Europe to allow homosexual marriage.

The authorities said that marriage preparations might be submitted before this date. There will be no more registered partnerships permitted.

Several hundred people are expected to benefit from the legal change in the first year after it takes effect, according to advocates.

Starting in January, same-sex couples who married overseas will have their status recognised in a two-step process. Previously, the pair was considered a legally married couple in Switzerland.

"We are quite pleased with the vote's outcome and the fact that it has now been enacted into law," "On Wednesday, Maria von Kaenel, co-president of the Marriage for All campaign, stated.

"For the past 30 years, we've been campaigning for marriage equality, and the referendum outcome was a watershed event.

The new law will take effect six months later, on July 1, 2022, allowing couples to marry or alter their registered partnership.

The History of the Legal Struggle.

In 1942, Switzerland decriminalized homosexuality. Civil partnerships can be formed by same-sex couples, and roughly 700 are formed each year.

However, this status does not provide the same privileges as marriage, such as the ability to gain citizenship and the ability to adopt children together.

Last December, the Swiss parliament adopted a measure allowing same-sex couples to marry after years of discussion in the country of 8.6 million people.

It was, however, challenged under Switzerland's direct democracy system, with opponents collecting the required 50,000 signatures to force a referendum.

Same-sex couples will be able to marry in civil ceremonies and will have the same privileges as other married couples as a result of the legislation reform.

Foreign spouses will be able to seek for citizenship in a streamlined process, and same-sex couples will be able to adopt together.

Lesbian couples will also get access to sperm donations , which proved to be the most contentious component of the referendum campaign.


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