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Sri Lankan Navy Arrested 23 Indian Fishermen And Seized 5 Trawlers For Alleged Poaching

Legal correspondent: Sameer Gupta

According to an official statement released on Thursday, the Sri Lankan Navy has arrested 23 Indian fishermen and seized two trawlers for allegedly poaching in the country's territorial waters.

The fisherman were apprehended by the Navy off the coast of Vettilaikeni, in the Cape Pedro area of the northern province.

The Navy is conducting regular patrols as well as operations to curb illegal fishing activities in island waters, taking into account the impact of foreign fishermen poaching in Sri Lankan waters on the local fishing community and the sustainability of Sri Lanka's fishery resources, according to a statement.

The operation also resulted in the seizure of fishing gear from those vessels, which had been used for illegal bottom trawling fishing, as well as a stock of fish captured using the same approach.

The Navy detained five fishing vessels and 54 Indian nationals in Sri Lankan waters for poaching in March.


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