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World's first paperless government is here!

Dec 14, 2021: Saving 1.3 billion Dirham ($350 million) and 14-million-man hours, the Emirate's Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin proudly declared Dubai as world’s first paperless government.

All the transactions and procedures, either external or internal, will now be conducted via comprehensive digital government portals eliminating the usage of paper 100%. The government shall no longer ask or require paper documents and files for any of its operation. The government shall also build an effective legal framework to resolve any customary barriers and conflicts and address the digital procedures in a smooth and binding manner.

By eliminating the 1 billion pieces of paper used by the government each year, we could save enough money to feed 4 million children, prevent 130,000 trees from being cut down, and save 40 hours of productivity to give people more time to spend doing what they love.

"The achievement of this target marks the beginning of a new stage in Dubai's journey to digitize life in all its aspect.” Said Sheikh Hamdan.

Dubai government has also implemented an initiative called “Stamp” which is a symbol that will be bestowed to the government that will prove itself successful in reflecting their complete transition into entities that offer digital, paperless services, i.e., follow Dubai’s paperless strategy. The initiative recognizes entities that made outstanding efforts to implement the strategy, offering their services via fully digital mediums backed by an efficient internal digital infrastructure.

-Nandini Varshney

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