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The UN Human Rights Council has asked the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to appoint a Sudan

Legal Correspondent: Reeti Shetty

5th November 2021: In the face of overwhelming evidence, the Human Rights Council passed a resolution condemning the military takeover of Sudan on October 25, 2021, and requesting that the High Commissioner for Human Rights appoint an Expert on Human Rights in Sudan as soon as possible to oversee the emerging human rights situation until the country's civilian-led government is restored.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, said at the start of a one-day special session of the Human Rights Council on the human rights implications of Sudan's current situation that the military coup on October 25, 2021, was "very worrisome." The events that followed the coup resembled a dark period in the country's history when freedom of expression was restricted and human rights were routinely violated. The military leaders attempted to undo the promises of transitional justice given in the Constitution. She emphasized that the Council should take immediate action to ensure focused and professional monitoring of all aspects of Sudan's on-the-ground situation by establishing a suitable and impartial structure. During the discussion, speakers attacked Sudan's illegal government changes and military control, calling for the reinstatement of the government. The coup was widely condemned, as was the arbitrary detention of a significant number of people who should all be freed. Sudanese individuals have the right to democracy, and the media and human rights groups must be protected, while human rights abuses must be punished. International efforts to restore regional peace should be actively supported. All parties must exercise tremendous restraint and put an end to violence and hostility. The Council determined that the activities of Sudan's military forces violate the Sudan Constitutional Declaration of 2019 and the terms of the Juba Peace Agreement of 2020, and that immediate action is required.

While international calls for improvement are important, immediate action is required to avoid further human rights violations and injustices, to ensure that the path to improving human rights in Sudan is not obstructed, and to protect and guarantee the Sudanese people's rights to harmony, liberty, and equality. Sudan should ensure that an autonomous civil society can engage in good faith with the United Nations system.


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