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NSO Group, an Israeli cyber firm has been sued by Apple for spying on iPhone users

- Rima Mondal

24th November 2021: Apple has brought a lawsuit against an Israeli cyber firm known as NSO Group. It is alleged by Apple that this NSO Group and its parent company, known as OSY Technologies have allegedly been spying on US Apple users through their very own Israeli spyware, Pegasus. NSO Group has not only got legal actions from Apple but also from Microsoft Corporation, Meta Platforms, Cisco Systems before. So, Apple is trying to get this company banned so that they cannot use their products anymore.

In a statement, the iPhone maker said that they are very much aware and concerned about the security policies of every Apple user and they want to give them full security and protection from any kind of surveillance or spying.

On the other hand, in a report, NSO Group has stated that it only sells its products to governments or any other kind of lawful agencies, and also, they said that they know how to prevent the misuse of their products.

Though Apple has not found any evidence of spying by NSO Group on their latest software, iOS 15, still Apple is seeking its ban from using Apple software.


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