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Mercedes Grand Prix appeal said to have “good legal basis" by sport law expert.

Legal Correspondent: Samiksha Anil Malvade

14th December 2021: Mercedes bound to have a compelling case if they submit an appeal over Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The team was teetering on an appeal after the stewards of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix refused to restart the race after the safety car incident. It was believed that the stewards did not apply the regulations to their fullest extent which disallowed three out of five of the racecars to un-lap themselves.

Nicholas Bamber, a sports law pundit, believes that Mercedes has a good chance to appeal against the actions of the stewards in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. He further opined that the stewards rejection of the Mercedes protest and justification stating that Article 15.3 gives the race director carte blanche to control the way the safety car is used and overrides any previous mention of the safety car use, is a faulty interpretation of the statues. Furthermore, the decision of the stewards is said to have violated the International Sporting Code which clearly states that all sporting regulations and their interpretations are to be “based on the basic fundamentals principles of safety and sporting fairness" because part of fairness revolves around a “consistent application of the sporting laws"


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