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4th LIAC Internship Programme 2024 (1st May to 2nd June)


The Aequitas Victoria Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that aims at making access to justice possible for everyone living across the country based on the notion - 'promoting access to justice, to live a life in peace. To make access to justice possible for everyone, it is important that all are made aware of their rights and are provided with the minimum legal assistance so that they can approach proper institutions adopting the efficient mechanism for addressing their grievances.

Aequitas Victoria Foundation is registered in India, under the Societies Registration Act, 21, 1860. It is also indexed under ISNI (International Standard Name Identifier).

NGO registration no.: S000060;

ISNI no.: 0000000502629766;

NGO Darpan Unique Id: BR/2021/0294541



The “Legal Intern Assessment Centre(LIAC) is a part of the Aequitas Victoria Foundation. The LIAC acronym is taken from the Hindi word Layak or Yogya meaning Worthy.

The centre aims at providing a well-organized and carefully assessed internship program to improve career opportunities, uplift the potential of law students, and integrate academic knowledge with practical experience. The Centre organizes lectures, quizzes, debates, and tests to assess the legal interns based on some pre-defined criteria. The whole programme aims to provide equal opportunities to students based upon their knowledge and skills.



  • The one month internship programme shall increase the knowledge and provide students with proper career and practical learning opportunities from Lawyers, Academicians, and other resource persons;

  • During the internship, 10 sessions will be organized in which Associates from Top Law Firms in India, Toppers of Competitive Examinations, Academicians from reputed institutions, Advocates from High Courts and other resource persons from around the country will share practical experience with interns on the predefined syllabus created exclusively by the LIAC Internship co-ordination team.

  • Students who attend the sessions, and complete the tasks without fail (provided for absence or non-completion of tasks, reasonable cause for such absence or non-completion are intimidated through a formal application) will be provided with the hard copy of the Internship Certificate after the assessment by the LIAC Internship co-ordination team.

  • The Hard-Copy Internship Certificate provided by the Legal Intern Assessment Centre (LIAC) of the Aequitas Victoria Foundation is unique and reputed as it bears the signatures of 6 reputed Advocates including Advocates from the Supreme Court and different High Courts from across India.

  • Along with advocates the certificates also consist of the signatures of the Hon’ble President, and Hon’ble Secretary of the Aequitas Victoria Foundation which is a registered NGO under the Indian Societies Act and the registration number will be provided in the certificates against the name of the NGO that shall increase the validity of the certificates.

  • The centre aims to create an ecosystem where all the law students get equal career opportunities based upon their abilities, skills, and knowledge without discrimination.

  • Interns will learn and work under the constant supervision of the Board of Advisors, Managing Committee, Executive Committee, and LIAC Internship co-ordination team of the Aequitas Victoria Foundation.

  • For the period of one month, the interns will get access to our services and can access our journal and blog database.

  • The Legal Intern will be assessed at every point of time throughout the internship period based on the undisclosed predefined criteria of the LIAC Internship Programme.

  • The intern will get a first-hand experience from the Editors of our Journals regarding research activities and the work process of different wings of the Aequitas Victoria Foundation.



  • Any Law student from 5 Years or 3 Years LL.B. Programs or LL.M. can apply. 

  • Any Law student enrolled in a full-time undergraduate (UG) or postgraduate (PG) program is eligible.  

  • Must be available to complete an internship on work-from-home criteria. (P.S.: Classes of the students will not be hampered) 



  • First: Payment of registration fees of Rs. 300/- only, By scanning the QR Code given below: 

Or, Pay Directly by any UPI App: 8210159245 | Sarthak Aryan 

Or, Direct Bank Transfer or NEFT:

Account Holder Name: Sarthak Aryan

Bank: State Bank of India, Shakurabad, Jehanabad

Account No.: 20413702388

IFSC Code: SBIN0018421

  • Second: Take the picture of the successful payment of Rs. 300/. 

  • Third: Fill the Google form below to register by clicking the button 

  • You will receive the confirmation of registration within 1 week of filling the form.



  • Registration Opens: 15th April 2024 

  • Last Date of Registration: 28th April 2024

  • Internship Starts: 01st May 2024

  • Internship Ends: 02nd June 2024



  • Sessions: During the internship 10 different sessions will be organized on a pre-defined syllabus on certain aspects and skills required for law students to learn about before going into different sectors like corporate, research, academics, litigation, competitive examinations and others.

  • Weekly Tasks: Interns will be given weekly tasks during the whole internship period like research work, case analysis, studying for the assessment test, and others submissions. (P.S.: Tasks are desgined in such a manner that it will not over-burden the intern. Intern will be able to manage its academics and task simultaneously.)

  • Tests: During the internship period interns will have to undertake compulsory assessment tests in order to monitor their progress. Format of this assessment test will be based on previous years questions of competitive examinations. Particular syllabus of this tests will be provided to the interns beforehand. (P.S.: This is just an assessment test. Only Attempt will be compulsory. Passing or failing in this examination will have no affect on the issuance of the internship certificate).

  • Resource Persons: Associates from Top Law Firms in India, Top rankers of Competitive Examinations, Academicians from reputed institutions, Advocates from Supreme Courts and High Courts and other resource persons will undertake the session.



  • All the sessions shall be organized during Saturday & Sunday and in online mode, so no classes of formal educational courses shall be hampered.

  • Attending 75% of all sessions and submission assignments is mandatory, failure to comply with which shall result in ineligibility from getting the certificate. Provided leave for exceptional cases shall be allowed.

  • All interns shall join every session through the email id which was used for registration (filling up of the above google form), if joined through any other email id then such an intern might not be allowed to join the session.

  • Once registered no fees shall be refunded at any cost.



  1. Advocate Prashant Pawar, Advocate Gauhati High Court (First Session on Drafting of Civil as well as Criminal Petition)

  2. Mr. Jayanta Boruah, Research Scholar North-Eastern Hill University, Advocate Gauhati High Court, & Former Assistant Professor, Double Gold Medallist, UGCNET, CLAT & AIBE Qualified, LLM., MA (Sociology), BA (Political Science), Diploma in IPR, Certificate in Human Rights, International Humanitarian Rights, and Space Law (Second Session on importance of research and publication for Advocates, and how to write a Research Paper, Journal Indexing, Citations, Publication Ethics, etc.)

  3. Advocate Aditya Singh, Partner, and Co-Founder of Sky Legal Associates & Solutions (Third Session on various practical aspects and the work culture in a reputed law firm).

  4. Advocate Amey Pandey, Rajasthan (Fourth Session on practical experience of workings in High Court and Session Courts)

  5. Advocate Asma Izzat, Ambassador Human Rights Law Network (Fifth session on Advocacy for Women Prospects and Challenges, Scope as Human Rights Lawyer, and Scope of Internship in Human Rights Law Network)

  6. Advocate Tathagat Sharma, Associate Advocate from Office of Solicitor General, India (Sixth session on the opportunities for Advocates in Public Service Sector,

  7. Powers and Functions of State Lawyers, and Experience of working under a reputed Government Advocate).

  8. Mr. Animesh Jha, Assistant Professor of Family Law from National Law University Jabalpur (Seventh session on the scope for Law Students in Academics, requirements, and about UGC-NET and JRF).

  9. Dr. Rangaswamy D. Nayak, Director Aequitas Victoria Research Centre, Assistant Professor and Assistant Registrar Karnataka State Law University (Eight sessions on writing Case Commentary, jurisprudential difference of various legal systems, and format for writing an efficient case note).



  1. Mr. Jayanta Boruah, (Session on the importance of research and publication for Advocates, and how to write a Research Paper, Journal Indexing, Citations, Publication Ethics, etc.)

  2. Mr. Animesh Jha, Assistant Professor of Family Law from National Law University Jabalpur, Session on the scope for Law Students in Academics, UGC-NET Exam Pattern, syllabus and JRF).

  3. Dr. Smarita Mohanty, Session on Consumer affairs for Advocates and how Advocates can approach Consumer Courts for practice.

  4. Advocate Amey Pandey, Rajasthan High Court, Session on Public Prosecutor it's role and Drafting of Criminal Petition, How to appear before the court, Skills of Advocacy and Professional Ethics.

  5. Advocate S.K. Mishra, Patna High Court, Importance of LIAC and Session on Hierarchy of Courts and what does he expects generally from a junior associate.

  6. Advocate Prashant Pawar, Gauhati High Court, Session on Drafting of Civil Petition.

  7. Dr. Daisy Changmai, Assistant Prof of Law, NLU Assam, How to do Legislative Analysis through format.

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