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Custom Apprehended 5.064kg Of Gold At Cochin Airport.

1 November 2021: The air intelligence and custom team confined 5.064kg of gold at cochin international airport. This series of unlawful activities invites section 18 of unlawful activities (prevention) act, 1967.

This activities was carried by seven person including women. The passengers arrived at cochin airport from Bahrain, Sharjah and Dubai flight but basically they belongs from pathanamthitta, Malappuram, Kozhikode, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The person name and as jihad and Noufal p. Parampath was caught by custom team with 1.032kg of gold and 778gm who arrived on Bahrain flight, 501gm and 543gm from Mohammadirfanali and arharmohammadamar from Sharjah flight,1.071kg , 597gm and 542gm from sibisaji, mushabhmohammadishaq and anjumsufiyan from Dubai flight. The seized gold were kept covertly inside capsule shaped packets which approximately worth RS. 2 crore. Currently, all offenders are in the custody.

-Sonam Awasthy

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