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Announcement: Annual Rupantar Awards 2021

Rupantar- The Destiny for Revolution is a quarterly published e-magazine by Aequitas Victoria Foundation (Registered in India under Societies Registration Act 21 of 1860) to promote young creative talents across the globe.

About the Competition

The competition shall aim at inspiring the creative talents for enlightening the contemporary society with innovative thoughts and ideas. It shall bring forth the Best Creative Contributors from each category for the year 2021.

Categories of submission

The competition is open for the following categories:

1. Article

2. Poem

3. Story

4. Photograph

5. Painting

6. Quotation


The contributors are advised to base their contributions on any of the following themes:

  1. Positivity: Under this theme, the contributors shall reflect positive spirits, emotions, romance, etc. through their creativity.

  2. Vision 2050: Under this theme, the contributors are allowed to provide a vision about how the world would be or is expected to be in 2050.

  3. Social awareness: Contributors can contribute to increasing awareness through their contributions to a better society.

  4. Moral Values: Contributors are also allowed to contribute in a manner that provides lessons on moral values and norms.


All submissions must be made in English or Hindi.


Any individual can participate in this Competition. There is no age limit.

Submission Guidelines

  1. All submissions must be made in word/document format

  2. All submissions must be sent to the email id:


  1. All participants are allowed to submit entries under more than one category but no one is allowed to submit multiple entries under the same category

  2. For submitting entries under different categories, participants shall register separately for each category of submission

  3. No political, defamatory, insulting, religious, or any such other comments or write-ups shall be submitted which are likely to injure the moral sentiments or legal status of any individual or community or groups of individuals. In case of any such contents are found in any of the contributions, then such contributions shall be summarily rejected

  4. The decision of the Judges and the Jury members taken together shall be final

  5. The copyright of all the submissions shall be transferred to the publisher immediately after the submission

  6. All contributions shall be original and shall not be published either in whole or in part anywhere else and if any contribution infringes the copyright of any third party, then the author of such contributions shall be the only person liable for such infringements.

Important Dates

  1. Date of release of Link: May 02, 2021

  2. Last Date for submissions of Contributions: July 15, 2021


  1. The best creative contributor from each category shall be provided with a merit certificate with recognition from the organization as the Best Creative Contributor for the year 2021 with the signature and registration number of the members of The Managing Committee and the NGO respectively.

  2. Top-quality contributions shall be published in the magazine throughout the year on a preferential basis.

  3. E-certificates will be provided to those whose contributions will be published.

  4. An opportunity will be provided to all interested members for joining our international writers’ groups.

  5. Contributions will be shared on all social media platforms.

Registration fees

There is neither any registration fee nor publication fee

Process of selection of winners

All the reviewed and selected submissions after publication in the magazine shall be placed before the Jury members including the members of the Managing Committee, Board of Advisors, Board of Editors of the magazine, and other selected members from within the organization up to 200 who shall internally vote for each submission. The submission shall simultaneously be placed before expert Judges from each category who shall provide marks depending on the quality and presentability of the submissions. The marks of the Judges shall carry 70% weightage and the votes of the Jury members shall carry 30% weightage. The participant with the highest score in each category shall be awarded the Best Contributor Award for the year 2021.

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