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14 Delhi Bound Citizens Of Myanmar Detained At Manipur Airport

Legal Correspondent: Sonam Awasthy

3rd October 2021: Security personnel detained fourteen delhi bound citizen of myanmar at bir tikendrajit airport, who were reportedly travelling with fake aadhar cards. Security personnel stated that those people were in their early twenties and they crossed into Manipur through porous border. A police officer said, fourteen myanmar citizen who were apprehended tries to board the delhi bound indigo flight. Subsequently, they are handed over to singjamai police station for further legal action. As it attracts the violation of law under section 468 and 471 of indian penal code. This incident took place after twenty six delhi bound citizens who tried to travel using fake aadhar card. Among them ten womem were arrested on september, twelve people people from private lodge where seven were teenagers while rest were aged between 20 to 28 yrs. The chief minister of manipur said, a strict action will taken against those who enter the country without proper document.


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