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Using Aghans Airspace Is Risky

Legal Correspondent: Sonam Awasthy

August 27, 2021: The movement of aircraft over afghan airspace is very risky. As the ground fighters are not trustworthy because they don’'t follow any rules so government should avoid using afghan airspace. Ex-Captain Devi Sharan recalled horrific day of 24 December 1999 of flight Air-IC-814 which was hijacked and landed to Kandahar airport.

Ex-captain mentioned on emergency they always en-route to Kabul and Kandahar. According to him if land is there in Kabul and Kandahar it will quite easy in case of technical emergency. As now various terrorist attacks are taken place. Two blast took place first blast was reported at the Kabul airport and second one near the baron hotel which kills 13 us troops are injured and an additional 15 service members as well as well as numerous afghan civilian. After 16 august Afghanistan closed its airspace for all commercial flight operation when the Taliban took complete control over the country. The pilot said the flight operation should not take place till the government give the assurity about the safety. The operation were taken place by Air India and Indian Airforce. More than 700 Indian were evacuated from the Afghanistan.


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