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TN vs. Karnataka row, Will the proposal for the Construction of the Mekadatu Reservoir be accepted

Legal Correspondent: Nasrin Sharifa Rani.K

August 27, 2021: The Construction of the Mekadatu Reservoir is a big plea in the Tamil Nadu and the Karnataka Government. As the TN Government has approached the Centre for the denial of this proposal and to make them stop proceeding any further. This row has been going on for almost a month and yet, the right decision hasn’t been taken yet. Relief for directing the Central Water Commission to reject and return the Detailed Project Report for the proposed Mekedatu Balancing Reservoir cum Drinking Water Project filed by State of Karnataka, vide its letter dated January 18, 2019. This Problem not only affects the people in TN but also the native people also. The Majority is favoring TN government as it seeks what it can hold, and to fulfill its people’s needs.

The Mekadatu project by State of Karnataka with a capacity of 67.16 TMC ft. and generation of 400 MW power at a cost of about Rs. 9000 crores are in gross violation of the decision of Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal dated February 5, 2007. If Karnataka is to build this reservoir then there may be the failure of Tamil Nadu in getting it’s due share of water as per every month. This reservoir will stop the fowl of river Cauvery into Tamil Nadu and it impounds the water to itself. This may result in drought in summer times for the direct city, Madurai. The Court favored Tamil Nadu, by stating the needs of water and the regular routine shouldn’t be disturbed at any costs.


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