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The Chief Justice of India consider the courts as the last resort for dispute resolution

By Bidisha Barman

December 5, 2021: N.V. Ramana, the Chief Justice of India has stated that the

methods of alternative dispute resolutions like arbitration, mediation and

conciliation should be opted for before approaching the courts. While addressing

the Curtain Raiser and Stakeholder’ Conclave of the International Arbitration and

Mediation Centre, Hyderabad he laid down the importance of arbitration and


The Chief Justice of India referred to Mahabharata as an example of early attempt

at mediation as a conflict resolution tool, where Lord Krishna made an attempt to

mediate the dispute between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. He even added that

the failure to this mediation led to disastrous consequences.

The Hon’ble Chief Justice stated that despite of the presence of arbitration centres

in India, the Indian parties that enter into international arbitration agreement often

opt for an arbitration centre outside the country which incurs huge expenses. After

being a part of the legal profession for over 40 years in different capacities, he has

advised that courts must be opted as the last resort after exploring the options of

alternative dispute resolutions (ADR).

The Chief Justice of India even addressed that the International Arbitration and

Mediation Centre at Hyderabad has the best infrastructure and internationally

acclaimed arbitrators and mediators are on its panel.


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