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Sri Lankan Navy arrested 23 Indian fishermen and seized 5 trawlers for alleged poaching

Sameer gupta

The Sri Lanka Navy arrested 23 Indian fishermen and seized two trawlers on suspicion of poaching in Indian waters, an official statement said Thursday. The

Navy arrested a fisherman off the coast of Vettiraikeni in the Point Pedro region of Northern Province.

"Given the impact of poaching by foreign fishermen in Sri Lankan waters on the local fishing community and the sustainability of Sri Lankan fish stocks, the Navy regularly works to curb illegal fishing activities in island waters. We are conducting various patrols and operations, "said the Navy. A statement based on the COVID 19 pandemic restricts the seizure of foreign fishing vessels and the arrested fishing vessels are repatriated. The

Navy will continue regular patrols in Sri Lankan waters in accordance with the COVID19 protocol to prevent illegal fishing and other illegal activities by foreign fishermen, protect Sri Lankan's claimed fish stocks, and local fishermen. Protect your life. ..


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