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Re-vaccinating can create health issues after two doses of vaccine: Centre to Kerala High Court

Legal Correspondent: Junu Das

August 18, 2021: A plea was seeking for the administration of the third dose of internationally recognized Covid-19 vaccine to those who had already received two doses of Covaxin in the Kerala High Court. The Central Government has informed the single Bench of the Kerala High Court headed by Justice Murali Purushothaman that the people who have taken two doses of Covaxin which is not globally recognized cannot take third doses of Covid-19 Vaccine which is an internationally recognized vaccine. This issue was faced by the NRIs who have received double doses of Covaxin which is not an internationally recognized vaccine for international travel.

The Central Government further submitted that a person may face serious health issues if the person takes more than two doses of vaccines. Further, the Court observed that till now there was no such provision to receive more than two vaccines by a single person and simultaneously the Central Government argued that at the international level also there were no such guidelines that determine the recognition of third doses after administering second doses of vaccines.

In this plea, the petitioner argued that this is the time to explore mixed doses of Covid-19 vaccines. The petitioner himself received two doses of vaccine of Covaxin which is not accepted in his workplace i.e. by Saudi Arabia. The petitioner contended that if he does not return to his workplace before 30th August then his job will be in danger. In this plea, the Central Government argued that if a person received an overdose of the vaccine then it can lead to other serious health issues. There is no further study have done yet in this perspective. Therefore, the petitioner’s claim cannot be accepted in this case. If the Court accepts the plea then there will be more approaches will come in this regard before the court. The matter has been posted for further consideration.


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