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Rainshine Global is in the process of raising $150 million to fund new fintech ventures.

Legal Correspondent: Prachi Ajitsaria

August 19, 2021: Rainshine Global has revealed intentions to launch four new fintech companies that will mix original content, media funding, and blockchain technology. Digital tokens, media credit, a direct-to-fans platform, digital asset research, and advisory services are among the new services that will be introduced during the next six to nine months. The company will set up new subsidiaries and plans to raise $150 million for the expansion.

RainBlox, the company's own blockchain platform, will serve as the foundation for the new offers. Rainshine hopes to streamline funding and payment processes in the media and entertainment business with its new endeavors. Raishine's new products are also anticipated to help the company's original content business flourish by providing new funding, distribution, and co-creation alternatives.

According to Neeraj Bhargava, founder, chairman and CEO, Rainshine Global, by 2030, the media and entertainment business is expected to grow to a $3 trillion global connected industry. Taking advantage of the second wave of digital disruption, the firm aims to create a future-ready company that helps content producers with funding, distribution, and keeping a fair portion of their creations, as well as helping them convey tales to an audience.

“We find ourselves in an exciting period where technology can accelerate growth and restructure the industry in a most positive manner, and we want to be on the forefront of enabling the development of a creator-centric industry,” Bhargava added.

Rainshine will launch AISTRA Coin, its first digital token, with the goal of raising $100 million to fund, distribute, and trade new original content creations. Rainshine Media CreditTech will be the name of two new companies for its media credit section, one for the United States and one for India. The media and entertainment industries will benefit from our division's financing solutions.

Rainshine DiFa, a direct-to-fans platform, will also offer a white-labeled solution that will give content creators access to a worldwide audience through digital marketing, payment, e-commerce, and audience interaction options. Its research and consulting group for digital assets will work closely with industry players to help them develop and launch innovative products around the world.

According to Kishore Mirchandani, chief financial officer of Rainshine Global, "the new generation of fintech and blockchain technologies are creating interesting choices to fund the rapid growth of the M&E business and access new paths to distribute globally."


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