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Put more focus on quality research, teaching: Assam Governor instructs non-public varsities

Legal Correspondent: Utkarsh Sinha

Dec 20, 2021: Assam Governor, Prof Jagdish Mukhi, has asked the VCs of the private universities to start focusing on the quality research and teaching and setting high standards to transform their respective institutions into centers of excellence and making Assam one of the top performing states in the education sector. He even put stress on the universities to encourage the students to play a decisive role as a catalyst for growth as well as development of the country. While addressing a conference with chancellors and vice-chancellors of the six private universities in the state, the governor stated that “Education is the central pillar of a nation’ growth. Its equality and penetration and its efficacy are terms of producing job-ready graduates with strong ethical values and patriotism determine the future of a nation.”

Prof Mukhi urged the VCs of private universities to set better and comparatively higher standards to transform their respective institutions into centers of excellence. Referring to the NEP 2020, which put more focus on practical based learning, he advocated hands on experimental and analytical based learning. He also mentioned the newly introduced system -Impacting Research Innovation and Technology (IMPRINT) and also asked the vice-chancellors to use it to focus on technology driven knowledge base. IMPRINT provides the overarching vision that leads research into areas that are particularly socially relevant.

This unique initiative was launched on Nov 05, 2015 from the Rashtrapati Bhavan. A clarion call was made by the Honorable President and Prime Minister to address all engineering and technological challenges faced by the country nationwide. The initiative IMPRINT India was a multi-stakeholder mission program aimed at bridging the gap between scientific knowledgebase created through fundamental and applied research and fruitful translation of the same through the engineering invention and technological innovation for the betterment as well as development of the society. Prof Mukhi added further that the institutions of higher studies should think of implementing dual degree like an integrated programs for the benefit of the students of the further generation. It will help students in accelerating their education or to enrich their professional portfolio by adding a new major.


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