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Peace by Nature is in Nature

Rashmi Rekha Boruah

Class- IX

Suderashan Public School

Running alongside in the valleys of Darjeeling in the morning, it feels like chasing the sunlight to touch it for a while. Returning to my farm house after a wonderful jogging as usual, yesterday I saw a girl sitting under a tree and crying. I stood there for sometime silently watching her, when a flower from the tree fell on her laps; she picked the flower and ran away happily.

Today again I saw her on the same spot, but this time she was giggling, jumping, laughing and doing everything like a happy child. Her cuteness even defeated this beautiful sunlight and she was singing like a bird. I stood near her and asked why she was crying the day before and what was she speaking to the tree about.

She, with a cute smile replied, “You know! You know! One day I fell down from the balcony of my house while playing and so I was bitterly crying in pain. My father therefore got angry on my mother and blamed her for being careless and so my mother too blamed him in return. Both of them quarreled the whole night, got separated and were not speaking for last three months.

I was saying about all these to this tree yesterday and this tree gave me a flower. I took it and put it in the pocket of my father’s shirt. He, while getting ready for his office today, saw the flower in his pocket and thought it as a gift from my mother and so he too wrote an apology letter for her. My mother was delighted and cooked his favorite dish for breakfast. He got happy again with my mother and he even kissed her before leaving to his office. Peace resumed in my home for which I came here to thank my dearest friend”. She became silent in a satisfied mood.

Smiling in return, I started jogging back to home thinking how funny but beautifully she appreciated the tree for bringing peace. Really, the nature do nourishes peace in everyone’s heart.

Picture Courtesy- Johann Siemens/@johannsiemens

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