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India amends rules for efficient manufacturing of explosive items, embracing safety.

Legal Correspondent: GAURI NAIK

21st September 2021: Last year in Beirut there was an ammonium nitrate explosion which caused massive destructions, so taking lessons from the same India amended it’s ammonium nitrate and calcium carbide rules so that higher safety measures could be incorporated within organizations for storage and disposal and at the same time business can be done with ease in the country.

To meet demands at short notice, the Department for Promotion of Investments and internal Trade (DPIIT) has brough about amendments in static and mobile pressure vessels rules to allow efficient movement of cryogenic compressed gases, the shortage for which was faced by the country during the 2nd wave of Covid-19 pandemic

For the ease of doing business transfer of ammonium nitrate from one place to another of the same licensee has now been permitted. Furthermore, the DPIIT has worked with Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) an autonomous body under it to bring about changes in rules of explosives and gas cylinders but the draft of such rules is yet to be notified

Meanwhile three changes have been notified relating to rules on ammonium nitrate, calcium carbide and static and mobile pressure vessels. Amendments in ammonium nitrate rules include adequate firefighting facilities in storage and handling areas, improvement of flooring, provision for auction of serviceable sized ammonium and disposal if not fit for use and safety distance from port areas

Rules for static and mobile pressure vessels have also been amended to include third party inspecting to carry out the work of certification, safety audits and testing inspection. Provisions to export cryogenic compressed gases such as oxygen, nitrate, argon and LNG from surplus areas to deficit areas through ISO containers has been made in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic

“This will help to transport oxygen from surplus areas to deficit areas and promote multimodal transportation (by road, air and waterways) and reduce cost as well as time” Sumita Dawra Additional Secretary of DPIIT said.


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