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If a daughter expects her father to finance her education, she must also play a daughterly role

Hearing a matrimonial dispute, the Supreme Court recently observed that a “daughter will also have to play a part as a daughter if she is hoping the father to help her education,” after it was announced that she had refused to meet him.

A bench of Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and MM Sundresh was attending an appeal filed by the man questioning the Punjab and Haryana High Court order, which set aside the decree given by the matrimonial court permitting a petition filed under Section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act for annulment of marriage by a decree of divorce.

Noting that mediation between the partners was not successful, it said: “Learned counsel for the parties submit that another action may be made to negotiate with the physical existence of the parties."

At this, the top court said: “The daughter must also respect that if she is hoping the father/appellant to endow her education, she will also have to play a part as a daughter. The matter is again set before the Supreme Court mediation Centre."

The top court had before demanded the father to pay the instruction expenditures of the 20-year-old daughter.

It has recorded the matter for further directives on February 22.

“The mediator will make arrangements for entire interaction between the father and the daughter," said the bench in its order.

Senior advocate Nidhesh Gupta, representing the husband, presented before the bench that the daughter had refused to meet his client. “She does not even see him on video calls My Lord," submitted Gupta. He added that if the daughter expects her father to take care of her education and marriage expenses, then it cannot be a one-way street.

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