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ICRC Sudan Trains Emergency Response Personnel In Humanitarian Law

The ICRC Sudan and the Paramilitary Rapid Support Force (RSF) will work together to ensure that RSF officers and soldiers are properly trained in the scope and applicability of the Geneva Convention and other human rights law provisions. "The head of the ICRC said. .. The delegation, Pascal Kattatt, said in a tweet yesterday.

After signing a memorandum agreement held at the Khartoum Militia Headquarters, Lieutenant Mohamed HemetiDagaro, commander of the RSF and vice chairman of the Sovereignty Council, said the memorandum was seen as an "international strategic move" and would encourage it. rice field. For RSF development and knowledge and training acquisition in the scientific field. "

He added, "We look forward to the development and continuation of the partnership to establish a well-trained and competent force to participate in international agreements." In his speech,

Cuttat emphasized the importance of partnerships based on the principles of international humanitarian law in accordance with the Geneva Convention, especially since women and children are protected after training.


The Sudanese Communist Party (CPoS) has accused the Sudanese army and rebel movements of destabilizing the situation in Darfur in order to achieve personal goals. Adam Sharif, leader of the

CPoS, said at a press conference on Tuesday at the Khartoum II party's premises that the conflict in Darfur was economical, not tribal. A "systematic and systematic attack" should be understood as an attempt to control gold and uranium resources.

Sharif resolves the national crisis only through the democratic government in countries where the rule of law is respected, refugees and refugees can safely return to their hometowns, and there is a single professional army and various militias. He said he could. Disbanded, including the movement of RSF and rebels.

Ahmed Ishag, a member of the Commission to End the Massacre in West Darfur, told reporters at El Geneina on Sunday that the new attacks on villages in the region in recent weeks have nothing to do with ethnic conflict. Said. He said violence occurred during the "harvest season" and was aimed at destroying livelihoods and expelling people from the area. The

Darfur region is rich in precious mineral and metal deposits such as uranium, gold, iron, copper and zinc.

In December 2019, Radio Dabanga arranged for RSF commander Hemeti to bring to the authorities to surrender in Khartoum the mining area of ​​northern Darfur allegedly controlled and exploited by his company, Al Junaid. Reported.

Ghost Town

RSF, Sudan's largest paramilitary organization since 2013, is reported to have attacked the towns, farms and civilians of Darfur since 2016. Some of these villages were destroyed into ghost towns after the inhabitants fled. Satellite images show before and after the attack. At the beginning of the year, 4,444 people in West Darfur reported on RSF vehicles used to attack the state capital and its surroundings, and more recently Keleinik and its villages.

-Sameer Gupta

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