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Fundamental Concern and Practice: Community Justice balancing over the Human Rights

Article by Garima Jargar

Student of Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur


“Various perspectives over the converge related to the distance on the human-rights and supervision which was widely focused on the practice to analysis the impact on effectiveness among the common public and community. An urgent multitude which is increasingly demanding the needs for social justice and safeguarding the human fundamental right as injustices and abnormalities of racial differences as well as sexual segregation that are variedly protested due to the violation towards equal opportunities. The main highlight agenda was to elaborate on the efficient form of a standard that can proclaim the biasness of the affluent society which can enhance stability and the suggestive purpose was to draw a close relationship between individual freedom over individual common interest. Every obligatory right is dynamic but though the judiciary system should make rational and functionary within the initiatives.”

Keywords – Human Rights, Injustice, Abnormalities, Equal opportunities, and Social justice.

Revolution and Prosecution of Community Justice System

Dynamic changes which are happening in the judiciary of the country whether it is significantly affecting the people in a civil or criminal sense for seeking towards the impact of the circumstances, wherein the people approach towards the court for pleading towards the justice and to preserve the main focus is on the public interest within which it should not be under the violative acts. Peace and Order have been considered as the two most critical as well as useful components in the view of dispensing the level of getting impartial treatment and prevent from ineffective functioning. In the justice over the situation of the criminal system in the view of composition yet massive as well as pervasive which has been enlightened or cognizant of the role for the maintenance regarding the involved assistance and support for preventing the criminal activities. POCs mainly elaborated as Peace and Order Councils which has been departmentalization over national, regional, provisional, and municipal level that are upheld for the reorganization as well as a revitalization for ensuring the comprehensive mode of effective strata of coordination by the government initiatives and the participation towards the relatives of the citizenry in the national campaign against the act of criminality or insurgency. The involvement of various communities in the criminal justice procedure has been institutionalized in the category of barangay, which is examined as the smallest political unit of the whole nation. In many countries community has been considered the fifth pillar of the constitution and functioning of the country in the context of primary elements that are conceptualized as mobilized as well as energized for helping the operating of effective working authorities that are addressed for the implementation of law and order through possessing the concern of citizenry.[1]

The government has taken under the consideration for not taking any type of responsibility for the social problems yet within the population it is in the form of collective and varied action within which the tier of the system should not be upheld as accountable for the non – happening of the obligation. Barangay or the district level court or village courtroom that are built-up for the community-based mechanism over the chosen conciliation panel that is of nature related to amicable settlement for resolution of the disputes.[2] In the justice system which has been exemplifying the personnel orientation for approaching towards the dispensation of the filing of the case and wanting for the justice within the tenure that will be faster as well as shorter time frame, with less rigor, and cheaper in the cost of performance. Every crime is signifying and usually done on the societal aspect within which the general public is under the causation of crime that has a huge impact over the ever-defined community for seeking the level of proper as well as absolute justice.[3] Community justice has been looked upon for public safety for the framework of transforming the high-level crime for socially awaking into disadvantaged places into the neighborhoods that generally used to be put under the covering of social factors. The justice system has been collaborative over the processes that should be engaged towards those who have been harmed by the crime or the delivery of justice which is addressing the unique way for the need of every party that is affected by a criminal act. Everyone has their own free voice of the victims, communities, and the offenders which are provided for the understanding that can be encouraged by the healing process.[4]

The program which of functions from a one size fits all justice system to one of the varied communities that should be developed within which there should be their own set of solutions for the crime that has been bifurcated with the local needs. Much different government have to define Community justice in my perspective as the practice has been called as justiciar communitarian that means and elaborates as it consists of right which grants that the right towards the doctrine for the indigenous communities for operating under the functioning of the authorities under their legal system which separates from the official law that had been enacted by the state. There is a strong bonding over the relationship that has been strengthening for the purpose of communities variety which upheld with the greater strides for pleading within the better justice system that can be made whenever there is a proper level of understanding about the nature and behavior of the crime that can be divided among few components i.e. communities work together for fulfilling the needs, been together can make a community to know the nature as well as the manner of living, and the attitudes related to the social norms that can be taken care of.[5]

Concern rules and Scaling about Community justice over the Practices

The interventions over the needs as well as characteristics for the functioning of communities within which the people or neighbors are in an urgent need for the restoration and rehabilitation, using of the framework with has been bifurcated into two parts – community justice over implemented as a concept, and another terminology the community justice in action. As a whole conceptualization, it is a philosophical stratum for thinking about the criminal offensive justice that can be transformed over the varied societies, that provides rationales within which justice, as it can be done more than the deal that has been bifurcated with the aftermath of crime which can be taken under the consideration by punishing that was headed under the wrongdoing that, can be played over an active deal role by preventing the crime from the act of happening in a continuous manner for the first time in priority base.[6] The elaboration is that public safety for transforming the high level of a heinous crime that can be headed under the social disadvantaged place or arena for making the population for fitting into a surrounding where the defined set of people living in the environment, working as well as raising families. A community which involves the justice which has been provided in a crime scene with due process of institutionalized level within the barangay have represented in the PLEB i.e. People’s Law Enforcement Board which is considered as one of the most statutory bodies that have been created in every defined scenario within the region towards municipal for deciding the citizen’s complaints on the varied cases that should be filed against the erring over the officers and members.[7]

Community justice that has been practiced over the repair of the harmful scenario which is caused by a criminal act, within which the victims and the members of the communities have a fledge opportunity over the work with the offender for determining over the agreement of restitution that can uphold as an appropriate as well as satisfactory.[8] Restitution has been considered as the commonly paid towards the victims as well as opportunities over the communities at a greater rate than the usual case which has been processed through the traditional systems, repairing over the causation of harm that should be caused by the crime, rebuilding the varied communities, and for the promoting the greater level of satisfaction with the justiciable system which has been defined for all the parties. the local area with the defined community for which it typically emphasizes on the municipal arena as the unit of the analysis, without the doubt the engenders an appropriate within the sense of human proportion for the criminal justice by taking efforts.[9] The varied challenges which include a variety of initiative over which the criminal justice that has been guided under the system as well as a statutory authority in both the scenario of crime prevention and the sanctioning over the processes. There are six core elements that elaborate the reference over community equality – 1. Further functioning of the operates at the local level/municipal unit, 2. That further there is information-driven, 3. Possessing the skills for entailing over the problems solving method, 4. The distribution of the authorities has been decentralized over accountability, 5. There should a maximum required level of participation over the effective promotion of justice, and 6. The core elements which define the rigidity over the process – orientation.[10]

Benefits towards the community-based justice

Reflecting the inherent genes over the importance of the communities as a part of the justice system within which can deal with the processes as it opposed simply subjective opportunities which can be based on the involvement of both adult as well as juvenile as well. Inclusion of the community by taking efforts to deal with the programs and practices which are primarily focused on the outcome based on the addressing problem solving for the restorative justice that can ultimately enhance the social capital effect, principles that can undermine the procedural justice, and emphasizing over the reintegration. For the processing of repair from the harm as well as re-established norms, ethics, and values for the improvement of the capacity for historical trends, with contrary to the reduction of the inequalities among the people and increase in the egalitarianism for the ideal realization of the procedural history. Crime is basically based upon the act or omission within the ambit of law that makes any violative action punishable under the dealt of the criminal offense, remedies will be considered as compensation over the liability. There are few points of view that have many perspectives over the rebuilding of the communities for a greater amount of satisfaction and believe in all level of justice system appropriately defined for the parties involved –

a. Victims and the offender become the clients of the unbiased and justice system rather than the possessing over the witness position or the complainants.

b. The sufferer is usually offered the choices regarding the defined cases for helping a return of a sense of control over the lives of an individual as well as society as a whole.

c. Every individual does possess a primary set of rights which includes all the focused doctrine that gives freedom for receiving the information which gave the input for obtaining the restitution agreement and in return protection from the state.

d. Within the judiciary system, pleading for justice is considered an active role.[11]

The local and communities play an active role in getting in the justice process, members of the communities are empowered for resolving the subject matter as well as public safety issues. Protection regarding the people of restitution the agreement for the appropriate and satisfactory within which the varied process of restorative practices which are allowed for the reparation towards the communities pleading for justice as well as the victims for the defender. The elected officials within which the restorative practices are headed under the tool that it can be enforced for the efficient address community over the security of the issues. The problems which were imposed in the current judiciary system can lead to the creation of practices and enforced active law for the valuable scarce resources of the environment. A thriving community for the defined requirement of identity over the respond of characteristics of high impact over polices, courtroom, corrections, and work & functioning of government to – rehabilitation towards the interest which should be safeguarded for the people who get offended, repair for the harms caused by a defined set of crime, and prevention over the crime from the occasional happening.[12]

Legal Statues

1. Article 14, 20, 22 (1) & (2),32, 226, 227, 39A, and 21 of Indian Constitution

2. S. 154, 155, 173(2), 24, 25, 156, 57, 167. 235(2), 248(2), and 360 of CrPC


The community justice system and restorative form of the concept are becoming increasingly popular as well as have been used in an ambiguous sense but there are few subject matters which are wholesome possess of overlapping situation. In the view of crime which is impacting over the social problems for rebuilding the relation among the victims, the affected life within the communities that prevent is an essential section of all the criminal justice articulating the goal of participation, empowerment, welfare, and development over initiative taken up by the government. The conceptualization over the niche that deals with the quality of life over the minor crimes as the extension over the practices towards the serious criminal docket can be termed under unwise is further considered as coalition over the will with due respect of the condition that will neither for the availability of the resources nor the legitimacy of representatives that has been required to dole the punishment which can be further inherent the informality for communities justice practices. The defined principles are bifurcated over the local, popular, participation in all the varied aspects of the administrative advanced by the existing institutions of the society – grand jury and petit jury over which it can uphold for drawn because of the local community was under representatives for the further program. The approach would be alleviated over distortion by processing the law and enforce policies for maintaining the rigid balance over security as well as the social cost of stringent sentencing of law.

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