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Ethiopian Crisis: Human Rights Council Launches International Human Rights Investigation

At a special meeting at the request of the European Union to discuss the effects of the conflict that began 13 months ago in Tigray, northern part of the country, delegations said that nine out of ten people in the region need humanitarian assistance. They said. assistance. One-third of the 47 members of the council must support the motion for the

special session to take place.

This development follows the recent intensification of hostilities in northern Ethiopia, threatening to destabilize the whole country and wider areas of the Horn of Africa.

Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, Nada Arnasif, has starved more than 400,000 people in Tigray as the region has been granted limited assistance since the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights was warned in June. He told the council that he was likely to live in seeking a ceasefire.

After urging the war parties to respect the repeated international calls for a ceasefire, she evacuated at least 2 million people in the Tigray, Amhara and Afar regions due to conflict and said, "Many of them need to stay alive. I haven't received any support. " "

Your comment was made before voting on a resolution of the Council to establish an international committee of human rights experts on Ethiopia. According to resolution

, the new investigation will include three human rights experts, all of whom will be appointed by the chair of the Human Rights Council.

Initially limited to one year, but may be extended, work on international investigations has already been carried out by a joint investigation team on alleged violations with the participation of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission. Complement the work you have done of human rights, humanitarian law and refugee law committed by all parties to the dispute in Tigray. Mass arrest of 4,444 people.

The UN Supreme Court Secretary is concerned that the national emergency announced on November 2 has led to the mass arrest of people believed to be sympathetic to the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF). Pointed out thousands of Tigrinyas were arrested along with more than 12 journalists and UN officials, she said.

"Some of those arrested in the last six weeks have been released, but it is estimated that 5,000 to 7,000 people, including nine UN personnel, are still detained. Many have contact with the outside world. Detained without or in an unknown location. This is equivalent to enforced disappearances and is very alarming. "

Arnasif also told the Ethiopian government," Dealing with any identified violations.

"Requested to carry out a fair and independent process ... Without significant accountability efforts, international mechanisms can be taken.

Deputy High Attorneys have told all States parties. Through the National Dialogue Committee and as part of the United Nations' mediation efforts, he encouraged participation in "meaningful and comprehensive dialogue."

The crisis in northern Ethiopia has left millions of people in need of emergency assistance and protection. The crisis in northern Ethiopia has left millions of people in need of emergency assistance and protection. One of the key elements of the resolution was a call to all parties to the conflict to "end a direct attack on civilians ... based on their ethnicity or gender."

In addition, the draft will stop community attacks on crops, livestock and medicines, and "hate and violence to avoid further damage to critical civil infrastructure and end all measures that may be exacerbated. Refrain from inciting to. "Already a serious humanitarian crisis".

This could be achieved by enabling "complete, safe, fast and unobstructed passage of humanitarian aid," the resolution states.

Since the dispute broke out on November 3, 2020, in addition to investigating all suspected human rights abuses, new international investigation tasks include collecting and storing evidence, "identifying responsible persons", and Includes confirmation of perpetrator liability. Investigator's mission also provides guidance to the Government of Ethiopia on transitional justice in the areas of accountability, reconciliation and healing, and directs the Human Rights Council to be renewed at its 50th meeting in June 2022. There is.

As an affected country, the Ethiopian government delegation rejected the council process as politically motivated interference before claiming an "unconditional commitment" to human rights.

Friday Special Session-Only the fifth time this year at a Geneva company did not blame "predatory, property destruction, rape, sexual abuse, the use of child soldiers by these rebels, TPLF".

-Sameer Gupta

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