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Catapulting emissions in 2021 should send alarm Bells across the world

Legal Correspondent: Nasrin Sharifa Rani. K

August 25, 2021: The demand for electricity has always been on the Rise and ever since the pandemic it has gone up over the top. In developing country like India the demand for electricity generated by coal was not enough. The intensive emissions of coal power led to the rise in global warming and so to sort out the problem with another solution this pandemic gave the best solution ever it was the wind energy and the solar energy. For the first time wind and solar-generated over a 10th of global electricity. The demand for electricity was put to stability once the wind and Solar Energy arose, hence the reduction in the consumption of coal from the part of electric sector. India is a non‐Annex I country under the Kyoto Protocol and thus has no binding target for emissions reduction. … India adopted a “National Action Plan on Climate Change” (NAPCC) in 2008 outlining existing and future policies and programes directed at climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The mid-year update published on Wednesday by energy think-tank Ember analyzed electricity data from 63 countries, representing 87% of global electricity demand. Due to the pandemic in India there was a increase in the wind and the Solar Energy. This method was used to replace the one and only coal incinerated electricity. In India, the continued impact of the pandemic in the first half of 2021 kept electricity demand muted and coal rises to a minimal. Almost three-quarters (72%) of India’s increase in demand was met by growth in solar (47%) and wind (9%). However, coal generation increased by 4%, hence this energy was used to fill up the remaining gaps.


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