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Border tension between India and China creates more challenges over Indian Ocean Region

Legal Correspondent: Utkarsh Karpe

December 3rd , 2021: Referring to the tensions with China over the past 18 months, Indian Navy Admiral R Hari Kumar said the safety scenario along the northern border has helped to unravel the prevailing challenges. Indian ships were deployed forward when there was anxiety along the northern border. We kept the Chinese ships under close supervision and that we still do so even now. Also, the Chinese navy has been existing within the ocean Region because 2007. On average, China has seven ships within the IOR at any given factor of your time and their submarines also preserve coming.

India and China are worried at some stage in a military tussle in Ladakh on account that May ultimate year. Despite 13 rounds of military talks, things have not eased though a partial disengagement from friction points has taken place. The more desirable troop deployment through both sides skills a de-escalation cannot happen each time soon. There has been a gradual upward shove inside the deployment of Chinese research vessels within the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), the latest developments showed.

The increase in the number of Chinese fishing vessels within the RIO over the past five years has also been observed. On average, 300 Chinese fishing vessels navigate the IOR each year. except for the remainder of the year, that number has long ago grown to 450. China's growing presence within the ocean region may be a strategic issue for India. As Genius reports, Chinese Navy ships and their submarines have accepted the water under the guise of antipiracy. China has expanded its naval activities within the Indian Ocean region and therefore the Indian Navy is conscious of developing its maritime power. They had diverted lots of resources from other countries to the Navy, in line with their goal of becoming a world power.


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