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Pink Gradient


Date of Inauguration:

August 15, 2020

Frequency of Publication:

Monthly (One issue per month and one volume per year)

Mode of Publication:


Medium of Publication:



It shall cover both International as well as National news from 22 different fields of law which are-

1. Constitutional Law

2. Health Law

3. Human Rights Law

4. Humanitarian Law

5. International Law

6. Business Law

7. Insurance Law

8. Consumer and Banking Law

9. Tax Law

10. Criminal Law

11. Civil Law

12. Cyber Law

13. Air and Space Law

14. Sports Law

15. Education Law and Policies

16. Entertainment Law

17. Environmental Law

18. Alternative Dispute Resolution

19. Intellectual Property Rights

20. Martial Law

21. Media Law

22. Family Law

In addition to news from the above field of laws, the senior editors might also bring out their scholarly insights under the opinion column on the recent happenings in the field of law.


-To provide information about the latest happenings in the concerned field of laws.

-To build a habit of news reading amongst the law students across the country.

-To facilitate with general knowledge in the concerned field of laws to the law students

-To develop a spirit of legal journalism amongst the young generation.

-To spread legal awareness amongst the common people of the nation.

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