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The “Legal Intern Assessment Centre” is a part of the Aequitas Victoria Foundation. The LIAC acronym is taken from the Hindi word लायक meaning worthy. The centre aims at providing a well-organized and carefully assessed internship program to improve career opportunities, uplift underprivileged law students, and integrate academics with practical experience. The Centre organizes lectures, quizzes, debates, and tests to assess the legal interns based on some pre-defined criteria. The whole program aims to provide equal opportunities to students based upon their knowledge and skills. 


  • To create an ecosystem where all the law students get equal career opportunities based upon their abilities, skills, and knowledge without discrimination.

  • To integrate academics with practical knowledge by organizing interviews and workshops with Judges, Senior Advocates, Lawyers, Academicians, and other resource persons. 

  • To aid the Senior Advocates, Lawyers, Firms, and other organizations in the selection of quality interns by assessing the law students and rank them based on merit.

  • To aid students with proper career and practical learning opportunities, as searching for them is an exhausting task for an individual student. 

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Objectives of LIAC
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