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Theme, Categories, and Eligibility

The journal welcomes any researchable topic based on contemporary legal affairs. The theme must purely relate itself to either any of the disciplines of social sciences mentioned under the section ?scope? or must establish a relationship with any of the subject matter or theories of such disciplines. Any theme which analyzes the social institutions or the institutions influencing social developments within a society, theories that form the basis of any particular social science disciplines, or any studies conducted with a societal interpretation that is not within the scope of the disciplines mentioned within the scope of the journal but establishes a relationship with such disciplines, any theme that provides a hypothetical assumption on the character or nature of social developments within a society, or any other themes based on international or national developments that possess the potential of influencing social matters shall be considered for publication.
Categories of Submission
A. Research Papers (minimum 3,000 words)- Research papers shall make a detailed study over a topic of social science disciplines and shall focus on problem-oriented research questions. It shall mention the objectives of the study and shall also take into account the literature reviewed and the conclusion must be an elaborated and analytical one. There is no maximum limit on words, however, it is suggested to keep the length below 10,000 words.
B. Articles (minimum 2,000 words)- Research Articles must focus on a particular problem related to any topics in the field of social sciences and must address the Research Questions along with the Objectives for doing the Research in the Introduction itself. They must also provide a specific Conclusion based on the Research Questions along with suggestions if any for addressing the Research Problem.
C. Essays (minimum 1,500 words)- All essays must bring a factual analysis on the topic of social sciences dealt upon, comprehensively. Unlike Research Papers, essays don't have to have a particular Research Problem or Research Questions as such, but all such essays shall make a proper analysis of the topic chosen.
D. Case Study Reports (minimum 1,000 words)- This Section will include analysis made on Case Studies made during any sociological studies or any like studies from across the world, along with personal comments of the Author(s), provided that such personal comments shall be an Academic one and not merely Activists or Political Opinions. All Case Studies must include- Facts of the Case, the Methods applied as well as Conclusion along with other necessary topics.
E. Book/Article Reviews (minimum 500 words)- This Section shall deal with Reviews made on popular Books or Articles published in Reputed Journals.
F. Lectures and Interviews- The Journal shall also accept speech, lectures, and interviews of eminent personalities from the field of social sciences provided such personalities shall provide their consent for publication of their speech, lectures, or interviews in writing.
G. Conference Proceedings- The journal also welcomes Conference Proceedings from any of the disciplines of social sciences covered within the scope of the journal.
H. Thesis- The journal welcomes dissertations, Ph. D and another thesis where comprehensive research has been conducted. The word limits shall be prescribed on an intimidation request of publication received from the concerned author(s).
All interested authors who possess knowledge on the subject matter related to the disciplines of social sciences mentioned within the scope of the journal or intend to deal with such topics can publish their contributions in the journal. There is no minimum age requirement or qualification requirements; provided all authors must fulfill the requirements of the journal and maintain the standard of academic integrity.

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