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Submission Checklist

Annual International Journal on Social Science Affairs requires the authors to kindly check for the following things before making their submission:
1. All the documents and submissions shall be made in word format, no Pdf shall be submitted and if any Pdf file is submitted then such submissions shall be presumed to have been rejected and neither the organization nor the publisher is responsible for communicating about such rejections to the respective authors;
2. The following documents are required to be submitted along with the manuscripts: a. Cover Letter b. Copyright Agreement c. Declaration Form and d. Formal Photographs of all the authors (the format for all the three documents are provided under the Section Forms);
3. The manuscript shall not mention any details of the author(s) and the file shall be saved by the name of the title of submission;
4. The manuscript shall mention the discipline under which the contribution is made and shall also mention the category of submission failing which will lead to rejection;
5. The manuscript shall follow all the formatting guidelines provided in the Authors Guidebook and shall include: an abstract and keywords for all the categories.
6. The references shall be duly formatted according to the prescribed format and the validity of the hyperlinks for online sources shall be duly cross-checked; and
7. The authors shall go across all the other rules and policies before making the final submission.

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