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Role of Review Committee

The review committee is divided into three sub-committees, via- Content Assessing Committee (CAC, Format Assessing Committee (FAC), and Plagiarism and Ethics Assessing Committee (PEAC). All the members of this committee are appointed by the Managing Committee of Aequitas Victoria Foundation and they are the official members of the organization. The Review Committee plays the primary role in the publication process of the journal and they are responsible for completing the entire review process starting from technical review to the end of the last peer-review process.
At first, after receiving all the submissions from the authors, the PAEC members will check for plagiarism and all other technicalities required for making the submissions publishable at the initial stage. The selected submissions will be sent to the FAC for checking the formatting requirements of the submissions. After completion of both these processes, the selected papers will be sent to CAC and the papers that require amendments will be sent back to their respective authors. After the amended papers are again re-submitted then the same process will again continue.
On the other hand, the selected papers will enter the PRC Level 1 where content analysis will be done by the members of PRC Level 1 and external referees if invited for the purpose. The selected papers from this process shall enter the PRC Level 2 where grammar and literature will be checked by the referees to be invited by the members of BOE. After the completion of both the PRC levels of peer review, the selected papers will then be sent by the review committee to the PRC Level 3 which will be jointly formed by the members from the Expert Committee and referees to be invited on the recommendation of the Expert Committee.
If any papers are sent back for an amendment to the respective author(s) then after the re-submission of the amended papers, the review committee shall again continue the same process as discussed above. Until the completion of the entire process, the review committee members are responsible for coordinating amongst the different levels of reviews. Once completed the review committee is responsible for presenting all the selected and amended contributions to the BOE for final approval.

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