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Role of Board of Advisors

The members of the Board of Advisors consisting of members that helped the Managing Committee of Aequitas Victoria Foundation in establishing the organization and also in making the organization successful in achieving its objectives. They are honorary members of the organization and can be invited for assisting as members in different committees or boards to maintain the day-to-day activities of the organization.
The Board of Advisors (BOA) is the principal body of the organization which is responsible for making suggestions on the appointment of official members, opening and establishing new platforms under the organization, assessing and assisting in maintaining the quality of the services of the organization, and in various other ways.
As regards the journal is concerned, BOA plays a very important role in both the process of publication and distribution as well as in making the journal reach the common public. The quality of the journal is highly dependent on the suggestions of the members of BOA. The members of BOA are even responsible for assessing the final draft of each volume of the journal after it receives approval from the BOE for publication. The BOA members possess the ultimate power to reject any submission from getting published in the journal, provided such rejection shall be backed by the support of the majority of the members of BOA, or shall have sufficient reason, or shall have the approval of the Managing Committee.
The BOA has the full authority to make suggestions and to assist the journal in getting indexed in the global database and for increasing the publication impact factor.

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