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Publication Policy

Annual International Journal on Social Science Affairs under the banner of Aequitas Victoria Foundation, a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that intends to publish quality research works and contributions from across the globe to enhance the scope of social science literature and to bridge the knowledge gap over diverse topics of social sciences amongst the scholars, academicians, professionals, and common people. For this purpose, the journal maintains an independent and impartial editorial policy that ensures transparency and disclosure of relevant information at all levels of the publication process (for detailed information please refer to the section Transparency and Disclosure).
Further, the journal follows a rigorous review process to ensure quality publication to the extent possible
(to know more about the review process kindly refer to the Review Process section). The journal also attempts to publish original and unpublished research works for which several rules, guidelines, and regulations are followed (for details kindly refer to Publication Ethics section).
The journal holds the copyright over the manuscripts published and the authors are allowed with moral rights (for details kindly refer to the Copyright Policy section). However, the Editorial Board and the Publisher of the Journal shall not be held liable for any infringement of copyrights of third parties by any author(s) even if the concerned manuscripts are published, provided the Publisher shall be responsible for removing such content from the website or for publishing a written statement in case of print publication on complaints received from any aggrieved party with adequate pieces of evidence (for details please refer to the sub-section Disclaimer under section Publication Ethics).

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