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Error Correction

Errors are inevitable and there is always a chance of finding an error after the publication of the manuscripts. Considering such instances Annual International Journal on Social Science Affairs provides for a mechanism for correcting errors that have been found post-publication.
The author(s) are responsible for informing the Editorial Board of the Journal of any significant errors found after publication and immediately a separate write-up mentioning the erratum shall be published on the journal website that will be linked with the concerned article. However, publication of such erratum is up to the discretion of the Editorial Board.
If errors are found by readers and are informed to the Editorial Board then such erratum shall not be published unless approved by at least one of the authors of the concerned manuscripts in case there is more than one author. If the error informed by the readers is a significant error which might result in the loss of quality of the journal and the communications to the authors are unable to be made for 90 days after the receipt of such information regarding the error, then on the expiry of the 90th day, the entire manuscript might be deleted from the website.
Publication of new relevant information after the publication of a manuscript shall not be considered for erratum publication, however, such new information can be submitted by way of supplementary materials, guidelines for which are provided under the Section Supplementary Materials, within one year from the publication of the manuscript; provided publication of such supplementary materials shall be considered by the Editorial Board based on the gravity of the relevancy of such information.

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