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Annual International Journal on Analysis of Contemporary Legal Affairs (AIJACLA)

Supplementary Materials

Annual International Journal on Analysis of Contemporary Legal Affairs also publishes supplementary materials that cannot be published in the manuscripts due to technological hardships. Such supplementary materials may include oral presentations, graphical, or animated presentations, or any other audio-visual explanations, documentaries, lectures, large figures, datasets, etc. Such supplementary materials will be published in other social media platforms of the journal wherever possible and the hyperlinks will be mentioned in the referred sections within the manuscripts to allow the readers to get re-directed to the supplementary materials by clicking the link in the manuscripts. However, for publication of such supplementary materials the author(s) shall follow the following instructions:
1. Since such supplementary materials might be of any nature so the author(s) needs to communicate about their intention of submitting supplementary materials to the Board of Editors during the submission of their manuscripts;
2. For audio-visual materials, the journal shall accept mp4 format for videos and mp3 format for audios;
3. If the material is an original work of a third party then the author(s) shall obtain permission for publishing such materials in the journal and copies of such written permission shall also be submitted along with the materials;
4. The author(s) must refer to the manuscripts wherever the author(s) wants the supplementary materials to be linked with. However, such materials must be submitted before the beginning of the review process, or else the supplementary materials might be excluded from the manuscripts;
5. The supplementary materials might be published publicly on YouTube with the permission of the author(s); and
6. If the supplementary materials are published on the website itself, then such supplementary materials might be removed whenever any technological hardship occurs or after five years of publication whichever is earlier.

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