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Annual International Journal on Analysis of Contemporary Legal Affairs (AIJACLA)

Role of Referees

The Referees can be appointed by the Managing Committee on suggestions from the Board of Advisors (BOA), Board of Editors (BOE), or the Expert Committee to complete the review process. Even the Chief Editor also can invite referees on the suggestion of the other members of BOE independently and can complete the review process at his/her disposal.
The journal has a three-phased peer review process for which three different peer review committees (PRCs) are formed. Referees might be appointed as members of all the three levels of peer review committees (PRC) or might be for two or even for one PRC following the need of the time.
The referees are invited based on their qualifications and intention for assisting the journal in publishing quality literature.
The referees if appointed for the PRC Level 1 then they are responsible for assessing the quality of the contents and for making suggestions for improving the submissions only if all the formatting and submission instructions are followed properly. They are even responsible for editing the manuscripts if required for enhancing their quality and for making them publishable according to the requirements of the journal.
The referees if invited for PRC Level 2 then they are responsible for assessing the grammar and language of the manuscripts and also to make the manuscripts easily understandable for the readers. They are responsible for correcting minor typological and grammatical mistakes along with editing and rephrasing sentences for maintaining the fluency of the manuscripts.
The referees if invited for PRC Level 3 then they are responsible for assessing the value of the research work and the benefits they will provide for society. They will be responsible for making the final call on the rejection of manuscripts or any other kinds of submissions. They shall be the experts in the field of law on whose subject matter the manuscripts will be provided to them.

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