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Annual International Journal on Analysis of Contemporary Legal Affairs (AIJACLA)


Annual International Journal on Analysis of Contemporary Legal Affairs (AIJACLA) is a non-profit initiative established to integrate, assimilate, developing and synthesizing knowledge through innovative, scholarly, and analytical research skills of various scholars, experts, professionals as well as students to enhance developments in the field of Jurisprudence.
Service to Research Community
1. Highlighting the contents through research that elaborates the differences for bringing clarity in determining which topics are supportive and which are controversial;
2. Introducing questions that require to be addressed through proper research in the coming years in the field of law;
3. Providing insight to the researchers about new areas for conducting research;
4. Contributing to the Stock of Literature on various subjects related to law in a historical context;
5. Initiating ways for implementing research outcomes in the process of social development through the institution of law; and
6. Encouraging the development of research skills and a fraternity of research through a properly established global network.
Services for Students
1. Providing information free of cost on various recent topics of law;
2. Inculcating values of research in the young minds of students and developing intellectual and innovative skills for bringing the best academic skills out of them;
3. Providing guidance and expert training from the expert and experienced professionals of the organization to those who intend to carry out researches under the purview of the organization or the journal;
4. Providing internship opportunities to the student volunteers of the journal in return for their services provided in the process of publication of the journal; and
5. To act as a supplementary academic guide along with their formal educational ventures in their day-to-day academic activities throughout their student life.
For Expert Professionals and Members of Planning Commission
Since the journal intends to publish quality research and analytical works, its main aim is to contribute towards the development of society in general and towards building a revolutionary way for better social change in particular for which law is an important instrument. For this purpose, those who are in the capacity of taking decisions regarding important aspects of social development must be supplied with quality inputs over the concerned subject matter verified by eminent experts from across the globe. The journal, therefore, is expected to serve the above purpose with much enthusiasm and delight.

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