Role of Assistant Editors:

The role of Assistant Editors shall be to maintain communication between all levels of PRCs (Peer Review Committees), BOE (Board of Editors) AND THE AUTHORS. Further they shall be responsible for looking into the plagiarism, formatting and citation style at first level and compliance with the feedbacks after submission of the amended articles by the respective authors at the second level of review. They shall further vote for taking necessary decisions relating to the publication policies of the Journal.

Role of Associate Editors:

Associate Editors shall be senior to Assistant Editors in the BOE and shall be responsible for constituting two PRCs, via- PRC-1 and PRC-2, where PRC-1 shall consists of legal experts and shall review the content of the submissions, while PRC-2 shall consists of experts from the field of literature (especially from Department of English, Cotton University) who shall look into the grammatical correctness of the submissions. The Associate Editors shall provide their decisions as regards the publication of the submissions by citing the reasons and necessary feedbacks for each submission in writing.

Role of Senior Editors:

The Senior Editors are the senior most members in the BOE who shall constitute the PRC-3 consisting of Doctorate level experts from the field of law. Their decisions regarding publication of submissions shall be held as final one subject to suggestions from BOA and CT.

Role of PRC-1:

The PRC-1 shall consist of Graduates from the field of law and shall be divided into three levels- Faculty Members, Research Scholars and LLM Students. The first level shall review the content of the research papers and legal essays, the second level of PRC-1 shall review the legislative analysis and the third level of PRC-1 shall review case commentaries and Book/Article Reviews. The PRC-1 shall consist of external experts, however members of BOA and BOE may also get appointed as members of PRC-1

Role of PRC-2:

The PRC-2 shall consists of Graduates from the field of English Literature and they shall review the grammatical correctness of each submissions. The are responsible to make slight corrections wherever needed and to provide their written feedbacks for further improvements.

Role of PRC-3:

The PRC-3 shall consist of Doctorate level experts from the field of law who shall do final review of all the submissions. Their decision regarding rejection of submissions shall be the final one and their decision regarding acceptance of submissions for publications shall be in consideration to the suggestions of Chief Editor, BOA and CT. At least, two-thirds of the total members of PRC-3 shall be external members who are not a part of the BOE, however members of BOA may become members of PRC-3.

Role of Chief Editor:

The Chief Editor is responsible to provide recommendations to the members of BOE on necessary guidelines for the betterment of the Journal. He is also the final reviewer of the draft copy of the Journal after the end of all the Peer-review process.

Role of Board of Advisors:

The members of BOA shall make suggestions and comments on the draft of the Journal; however none of the members are bound by such responsibilities. But they are bound to help the BOE whenever required for the betterment of the Journal. Further, they shall also help in matters relating to appointment, removal or any other such related matters of Chief Editor, Senior and Associate Editors of BOE in consultation with the CT.

Role of Author(s):

The Author(s) are required to adhere to all the guidelines, rules and policies before submission and shall also follow and implement the feedbacks send to them after submission. They are required to submit original and unpublished articles which shall be of academic nature free from aggressive and exciting comments. They shall not violate any legal provisions or moral or ethical standards required for maintaining the integrity of the academic fraternity.

Role of Core Team:

The CT is the ultimate authority for taking all decisions regarding appointment and removal of members of BOE, constitution and suspension of PRCs, publication and distribution of the Journal, etc., provided that due regard shall be given to the decision taken by majority of the members of BOA in the form of advices and suggestions.