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Annual International Journal on Analysis of Contemporary Legal Affairs (AIJACLA)

Benefits to the Members

Annual International Journal on Analysis of Contemporary Legal Affairs shall provide the following benefits to all the members appointed for maintaining the publication process of the Journal:
1. Members appointed for the journal shall be deemed to be the members of Aequitas Victoria Foundation as a whole which is a registered NGO with no charges;
2. All facilities of Aequitas Victoria Foundation like Internship Opportunities, access to journals, magazines, newsletter, blogs, participation in certificate courses, competitions, seminars, conferences, etc. shall be provided free of cost to all its members;
3. Due weightage shall be given to the contributions of the members in publication at several platforms of the organization;
4. Opportunities shall be provided for having experience of working at all the different platforms of the organization;
5. Quality guidance from the national and international experts of the organization;
6. Exposure to several national and international opportunities in the field of law; and
7. Internship/Experience Certificate for one year experience with the registration number of the organization along with the signatures from six eminent personalities.

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