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Annual International Journal on Analysis of Contemporary Legal Affairs (AIJACLA)

Board of Editors


Dr. Heru Susetyo


Senior Editor

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Dr. Heru Susetyo is an assistant professor at Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta - Indonesia and also Chairman o the Center for Islam and Islamic Law at Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia.
He is the Editor in Chief of Jurnal Hukum dan Pembangunan FHUI (Law and Development).
He is also the Editor in Chief of Journal of Islam and Islamic Law Studies (JILS).
He has an LLB degree from from Universitas Indonesia (1996) and MSW and LLM degrees from Northwestern Law School (2003), and a PhD in Human Rights and Peace Studies from Mahidol University, Thailand (2014).
Dr. Susetyo has obtained PhD in victimology at INTERVICT, Tilburg University, The Netherlands.
He has also written numerous articles in various newspapers, magazines and online media and also published several journals and books.

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