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Pink Gradient


1. The newsletter is not open for submission from outsiders. However, any student of law or legal professional can become a legal correspondent for this newsletter on fulfillment of required formalities which shall be specified after communication of the application form.

2. The legal correspondents after being selected shall stay in the group for a time period of minimum one month in order to learn the process of the team and then only shall be asked for submitting write ups on field of law that shall be given by the senior editorial board.

3. The senior editors on the other hand shall be appointed on the advice of the Board of Advisors (BOA) and the Core Team (CT) after receipt of the application.

4. The Editor-in-Chief shall be an expert in the field of law and shall also be a member of BOA whose position shall be a permanent one unless resigned or decided to the contrary by a majority vote of the CT as well as BOA separately.

5. The Associate Editors shall be experts from the field of journalism and shall also be members of BOA. There is no limitation as regards the number of Associate Editors. Their positions are permanent in nature unless resigned or removed by a majority vote of the CT.

6. All the members are bound by the Rules and Regulations of the organization which shall be communicated to them by virtue of their appointment letters.

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