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Pink Gradient



1. All the legal correspondents who will be submitting their write ups shall submit their topics
to the senior editors for approval.

2. Upon approval they shall write the articles by complying with the format and guidelines
provided to them.

3. They shall then submit the same to their respective mentors who shall go for rigorous
review of all the write ups submitted to them and then shall submit the same to the Chief

4. The Chief Editor after collecting all the write-ups shall send them to the format reviewer
who after reviewing the format shall submit the same for grammatical checks.

5. After grammatical checks, the same write ups shall be submitted to the designing team who
shall design the draft and submit the draft to the Associate Editors.

6. The Associate Editors shall look into the scope, layout, format and designing of the

7. The draft shall then be submitted to each of the members from BOA for suggestions and
comments and also to all the members of the newsletter team for final review.

8. After implementing all the suggestions and corrections, the final draft shall be prepared
and submitted to the Chief Editor.

9. The Chief Editor shall then submit the draft to the CT.

10. The newsletter shall then be released with the permission of the CT.

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