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Role of Editor-in-Chief:

The Editor-in-Chief is the in-charge of the entire newsletter team and shall act as a communicator between the Senior Editors and the CT. The decision of the Chief Editor shall always be an ultimate one in matters relating to selection of legal correspondents to the team. The Editor-in-Chief shall also be eligible to make appointments of Senior Editors, however subject to the decision of BOA and CT in this regard.

Role of Associate Editors:

The Associate Editors shall look into the ethics of journalism and shall guide the team with their experience. Their decision shall be final as regards to the design, scope, formalities and layout of the newsletter.

Role of Senior Editors/Reviewers:

They shall be responsible for approving the topics submitted by the legal correspondents and shall guide the correspondents in every matters relating to the drafting of the articles. After submission of the articles, it is their responsibility to review and edit the articles wherever necessary and to submit them to the chief editor.

Role of Board of Advisors:

The members of the BOA shall be submitted with the draft copy of the newsletter for each issue by the BOE who shall be free to provide their views and suggestions. The BOE shall pay regard to such views and suggestions and shall take their final decision regarding publication of the final copy. The BOA is also responsible for taking decisions regarding selection, removal and resignation of Chief Editors and Associate Editors on majority basis. However such decisions are not mandatory on the CT. But decisions on appointment and removal of Senior Editors shall be binding on CT unless revoked by CT on a majority basis.

Role of Legal Correspondents:

They are responsible to follow all the guidelines, rules and regulations provided to them during their appointments.

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