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West Bengal State Legal Services Authority organized a National Lok Adalat and settled 24,702 cases

September 13, 2021: In the State of West Bengal, National Lok Adalat was organized by the State Legal Services Authority. In the Lok Adalat for amicable settlement of disputes a total number of 229 benches were constituted. 38,795 matters were taken to the Lok Adalat out of which 10,600 matters were resolved with the awarded amount of Rs. 25,22,31,749.

In the Lok Adalat 20,781 pending cases were taken up out of which 10,600 matters were resolved and awarded the amount of Rs. 1345,32,21,886. In bank loan recovery cases 29,752 pre-litigation cases were taken out of which 4472 cases were solved and settled and Rs. 24,98,40,1481 is the total settlement amount.

A great emphasis had been laid by the Hon’ble Patron-in-Chief & Executive Chairman, State Legal Services Authority West Bengal on settlement of Motor Accident Claims Cases & Cheque Bounce Cases under the Negotiable Instruments Act. A total number of 893 Motor Accident Claim Cases were settled and Rs,43,01,82,490 was the total settlement amount.

A suit for infringement of trade-mark and copyright was pending before the Commercial Court and it was disposed in the Lok Adalat Bench of DLS& South 24-Pargans, Alipore. Rs. 1300 was claimed by the plaintiff towards loss and damages in the pleading which was settled in a peaceable manner.

-Sakshi Niraj Pandey

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