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UN receiving deeply disturbing reports of serious violations of Human Rights & International HR

Legal Correspondent: Sameer Gupta

August 11, 2021: In areas that have been captured by the Taliban and disputed areas, Bachelet said the office has received reports of summary executions and attacks on current and previous government officials. here and members of their families, using military force and destroying homes, schools and clinics, and the cultivation of a large number of improvised explosive devices, including pressure-disc IEDs that function as anti-personnel mines.

The High Commissioner also expressed particular concern at early indications that the Taliban are imposing severe restrictions on human rights in the areas they control, especially for women. "People are really afraid that a Taliban takeover will erase the human rights achievements of the past two decades," she said.

"We have received reports that women and girls in many Taliban-controlled districts are not allowed to leave their homes without Mahram, a male chaperone. Bachelet warns: “The impediment of a woman's ability to leave home unaccompanied by a male also leads to a host of other violations of the economic and social rights of a woman and her family, ' Bachelet warned. In some places, the Taliban is said to have threatened that violating these rules would result in severe punishments. In one case in Balkh province, on August 3, a women's rights activist was shot dead for breaking the rules.

Severe restrictions on freedom of expression and the ability of journalists to carry out their important work are also a source of deep concern in this time of uncertainty and turmoil, the High Commissioner said. . Bachelet warned as civilian casualties continue to rise and reports of violations that could lead to war crimes and crimes against humanity continue to emerge. "These are only civilian casualties that we managed to record, the real figures would be much higher," said High Commissioner Bachelet. The situation in the southern city of Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand province, clearly shows the significant impact that hostilities in urban areas are having on civilians.


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