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New Drone Rule 2021, Ease The Entry Barriers And Compliance Requirements

Legal Correspondent: Sonam Awasthy

August 26, 2021: The ministry of civil aviation ease the drone rule, by reducing the entry barriers and compliance requirements. This rule will help to promote the youth work in this sector as well as creates possibilities for starts up, innovation and business which leads to strengthen the India technology, engineering and innovation. This rule put end to various approvals like: certificate of conformance, certificate of maintenance import clearance, accepting the existing drones, operator permits authorisation of R & D organisation and student remote license. Other approval also put to end like: authorisation number, unique prototype identification, certificate of manufacturing, airworthiness have also been abolished.

Drone operated in India requires type of certification and unique identification number, but if drone is imported or manufactured only for export purpose then it is exempted from the type of certification and unique identification number. No flight permission required for operating a drone in green zone and up to 200km in the area between 8&12 km from the airport perimeter. The airspace map into green, red, yellow and displayed in digital sky platform which should be published within 30 days of the new rule. Ease the process of transfer and de-registration of drones. Micro drones(for non-commercial use) and nano drones pilot doesn’t require licence. For violation maximum penalty reduce to 1lakh., but no applicability of this penalty for any other violation of law. For cargo deliveries drone corridors will be developed. This above rule is not applied to drone used by defence sector(military, naval and air force) of the union.


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